Available Candidates

We have over 35,000 registered candidates on our database seeking their next position. Please see below for a selection of available candidates.

Should any of the profiles be of interest, we would be delighted to forward their details.  Click on the title of the candidate and you will be automatically directed to the relevant consultant. 


UPDATED 19th September 2023


Private Chefs

Contact Donna for details of any of the below da@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Private Freelance Chef, Male, British, EHS Ref #14629

  • Executive Head Chef able to co-ordinate a team
  • Available October for temporary roles
  • Available for a permanent position from February 2024
  • Any location
  • Mediterranean, Asian style cuisine
  • Michelin & yacht experience
  • £500-£750 day rate
  • £90,000+ salary expectation

Private Chef, Female, Spanish, EHS Ref#20062

  • Female Chef with experience of cooking for Middle Eastern families
  • Available for temporary and permanent roles
  • London based
  • Available to travel
  • Speaks English, Spanish, German, French and Italian
  • £450+ day rate
  • £90,000 salary expectation

Private Chef, Male, British, EHS Ref#44679

  • Chef passionate about using produce from Estate Gardens
  • Looking for a live-in role
  • Able to relocate
  • Available immediately
  • Flexible with working weekends and holidays
  • Experience as a super yacht chef
  • £85,000 salary expectation

Private Chef, Female, British, EHS Ref #44305

  • Rotational Chef happy to travel
  • Available for rotational permanent and temporary roles
  • Yacht and Private Household Experience
  • Mediterranean and Otto Lenghi style
  • Organic and sustainable produce
  • £300 day rate
  • £60,000 salary expectation

Private Chef, Male, British, French, South African, EHS Ref#39693

  • Versatile Private Chef available for villa, yacht or winter lodge placements
  • Mediterranean, modern British cuisine
  • Completed 3 month stage in Sardinia
  • London based - happy to travel
  • STCW & Enhanced DBS
  • £75,000 + salary expectation


Butlers & House Managers

Contact Andrew for details of any of the below af@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Estate Manager, Male, South African, Married, EHS REF#18842

  • Experienced Estate Manager managing all maintenance (pumps, a/c, water,  lighting, cctv/ alarm, swimming  pools,  heating, biomass boiler, waste systems, preventative maintenance schedules ) and repairs, renovations, contractors and suppliers
  • Seeking a live-in role anywhere in the UK
  • Salary expectation in the region of £55,000 pa

House Manager, Female, British, Single, EHS REF#42670

  • Extensive experience of managing busy households for high profile clients including the direction of other members of staff and being the main point of contact for production offices and other related agencies
  • 5 years in her last role
  • Seeking a live-out role in London
  • Salary expectation in the region of £70,000 pa

House Manager, Male, British, Married, EHS REF#003

  • A dedicated and resourceful House Manager and Chef, with over twenty years of experience in private service, events and catering
  • Happy to consider options in London or counties west of London
  • Salary expectation in the region of £70,000 pa

Butler, Male, Indian, Married, EHS REF#44462

  • Highly skilled London based Butler with top Middle East experience
  • Additional strong housekeeping skills
  • Seeking a role in the London area
  • Salary expectation in the region of £50,000 pa

Butler, Male, Romanian,Single, EHS REF#1265

  • Top European based butler with 10 years’ experience
  • Has additional Butler qualifications
  • Seeking an international travelling role. Available now
  • Salary expectation in the region of £60,000 pa



Contact Andrew for any of the below candidate details af@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Chauffeur, Male, British, Married, EHS REF#6063

  • Smart and knowledgeable London based Chauffeur
  • Has house management experience as a bonus and confident to lead a team
  • Open to a new opportunity in London with no notice period
  • Salary expectation in the region of £55,000 pa.



Contact Debbie for any of the below candidate details dn@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Live-in Head Gardener, Male, British, mid 30’s, EHS Ref#36330

  • Delightful & professional Gardener 
  • Manages formal gardens
  • Kitchen garden knowledge and experience
  • Design and plan seasonal layout for potager to include vegetables, bedding annuls and seasonal containers
  • Notice period – 4 weeks
  • Salary expectation £35,000+

Handyman, Male, British, Single, EHS REF#39857

  • Superbly experienced London based Maintenance Person
  • Happy to undertake carpentry, plumbing and basic electrics
  • Seeking a new role in the London area
  • Salary expectation in the region of £50,000 pa

Houseman, Male, British, Single, EHS REF#19918

  • A confident and outgoing individual, with extensive hands-on experience of multi duties within a private household as a House Manager/Butler plus Chauffeur duties for more than 10 years
  • Seeking a live-in position or live-out if local to his home in Dorset
  • Salary expectation in the region of £50,000 pa


Domestic Couples

Contact Debbie for any of the below candidate details dn@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Live-in Domestic Couple – Portuguese, mid to late 40’s, no dependants, EHS Ref#45190

  • Delightful couple seeking their next long-term position
  • Speak English & Portuguese 
  • Great longevity
  • Estate Manager/House Manager
  • Housekeeper/Head Housekeeper
  • Ironing and full laundry care
  • Silver Service
  • Handyman duties
  • Chauffeuring duties
  • Childcare duties
  • Animal care
  • UK Settled status
  • Seeking a salary of £80,000+
  • Available to start from October



Contact Debbie for any of the below candidate details dn@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Live-in/out PA/Governess, Female, Belgian, early 30s, EHS ref #35459

  • Delightful Governess/PA
  • Speaks Dutch, French, English and Spanish
  • Early Years Care & Education certificate
  • Secondary teacher - French/English/Physical Education
  • Translator
  • PA duties, calendar management, staff management
  • Happy to travel
  • Willing to relocate anywhere in Europe
  • Available to start with 2 weeks' notice
  • Single, no dependents
  • Salary expecation €60,000+

Full-time PA, Female, British, mid 20’s, no commitments, EHS Ref#44279

  • A professional, well-presented PA seeking further experience as a Private PA
  • Speaks English & French
  • Graduate – MSc International Events Management
  • Currently working for an UHNWi since March 2022
  • Manges both personal and business aspects of principal and family
  • Provides key support and day-to-day operational management
  • Seeking a full-time permanent position in London
  • Happy to travel
  • Salary expectation £45,000+
  • Available to start with 1 months’ notice

Full-time PA/House Manager, Female, Romanian, mid 30’s, no commitments, EHS Ref#17071

  • An outstanding multilingual PA/House Manager
  • Speaks English, French, Spanish, Romanian and basic Italian
  • Offers excellent longevity (2014-2021)
  • Manges both personal and business aspects of principal and family
  • Provides key support and day-to-day operational management
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Seeking a full-time permanent position in London
  • Project Management
  • Overseeing and managing staff
  • Happy to travel
  • Salary expectation £65,000+
  • Available to start immediately

Full-time PA/House Manager/Family office, Female, Spanish, mid 50’s, no commitments, EHS Ref#13508

  • A standout and highly experienced PA/House Manager with great longevity
  • Multi-lingual – English, Spanish, French, German and Spanish
  • Extensive property management experience and knowledge
  • Provides support and assistant for the entire family 
  • Created structure for entire household
  • Oversees household expenditures and budgets
  • Diary management
  • Ideally seeking a travelling role
  • Available for work in Surrey or London area
  • Seeking £70,000+



Contact Isabella or Roxie for any of the below candidate details if@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com or rv@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Live-out Head Housekeeper – Czech, 43 years old, EHS Ref#44091

  • Proven longevity within her previously roles
  • Currently a head housekeeper/House manager for a large estate in surrey
  • Fantastic all rounder
  • Based in Sussex
  • Full UK, clean driving licence
  • Salary expectations £52,000+GPA

Live-out Housekeeper – Romanian, 27 years old, EHS REF#37987

  • Seeking a Central London based live-out Monday to Friday position
  • Looking for an exciting new position where she can showcase her meticulous housekeeping and laundry abilities
  • Professionally presented, well spoken, hardworking and used to working in a team environment within a fully staffed household
  • 1 month notice period looking for a salary upwards of £45,000 gross per annum

Live-in/Travelling Housekeeper – Hungarian, 37 years old, EHS REF#26955

  • Excellent Housekeeper looking to start a new position which could enable her to climb the ladder within a large residence
  • Open to a travelling – very flexible with this, no dependents
  • Keen to focus on housekeeping rather than a mixed role (but would like to move into butlering/management in time)
  • Spent the summer working freelance so available ASAP – seeking a salary upwards of £40,000 + accommodation within London/surrounding areas + travel.

Live-in Housekeeper/Cook – Bulgarian, 36 years old, EHS REF#18692

  • Excellent experience working within UHNW & high profile individuals within London and further afield
  • Confident and meticulous with all aspects of housekeeping and thoroughly enjoys cooking – currently undertaking training with Leith’s to further her knowledge
  • Happy to work in a full-time or part-time residence, house/animal sit (very dog friendly) and is able to drive
  • 2 week notice period, salary expectation upwards of £45,000 plus accommodation (ideally separate)


Nannies & Governesses

Contact Isabella or Roxie for any of the below candidate details if@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com or rv@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Live-out Governess – British, 42 years old, EHS REF#19766

  • Well presented, articulate governess seeking a full time live in role
  • Open to travelling
  • SEN/ADHD experience
  • Based in the TW5 area available to start ASAP
  • Seeking a salary around £90,000-/£100,000GPA

Live-in Housekeeper/Nanny – Italian, 22 years old, EHS REF#44037

  • Calm, Positive and happy Housekeeper/Nanny
  • Flexible within her role, enjoys baking and housekeeping
  • Currently based near Sheerness open to any location
  • Salary expectations £45,000-£50,000GPA

Live-out Nanny/Rota Nanny – British, 34 years old, EHS REF#35331

  • Fully qualified Nanny/ Maternity nurse who thrives of a busy environment
  • outdoorsy, positive and always encourages learning through play as well as independent play
  • Based in the Surrey/Hampshire area
  • Experience with Newborn-15 years
  • Available ASAP
  • Salary expectations £50,000GPA+


Temporary Staff 

Contact Dan for any of the below candidate details dh@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Temporary Butler, 45 years old, Polish, EHS REF#13392

  • Over 20 years working in the industry
  • Available for Dinner Parties, Weddings, Office Butler
  • Very experienced in large catering events
  • London based but is willing to travel

Temporary Butler, 40 years old, Nepalese, EHS REF#1927

  • Fantastic experience Butlering who started out at The Ritz, London
  • Highly motivated, hardworking individual with great standards
  • Available for Dinner Parties and Functions
  • Over 10 years’ experience as a Butler
  • London based

Temporary Housekeeper, 59 years old, Bulgarian, EHS REF#28506

  • Has nearly 20 years’ experience working as a Housekeeper working for various UHNWI
  • Enjoys the variety that temporary jobs bring but is also open to permanent work.
  • Friendly and warm in nature with a great work ethic
  • London based

Temporary Housekeeper, 35 years old, Moldovan, EHS REF#38244

  • Has over 15 years’ experience working for various UHNWI
  • Positive attitude and hard working with great attention to detail
  • Has Seamstress experience working for companies such as Generation and New Look
  • London based

Temporary Female Butler, EHS REF#14875

  • Nearly 18 years experience working for VVIP’s and UHNW Clients
  • Highly skilled in the establishment and development of key client relationships, effectively engaging in order to seamlessly exceed client expectations
  • Ideal Location: London and Surrounding areas, willing to travel
  • Flexible days and hours
  • Salary Expectation: £25 per hour

Temporary Butler, EHS REF#45224

  • Seasoned and highly skilled freelance butler with over 10 years of experience in the luxury hospitality industry
  • Proven ability to provide VIP and celebrity clients with the highest level of service. Ideal Location: London, willing to travel
  • Flexible days and hours
  • Salary Expectation: £25 per hour


USA Candidates

Contact our USA desk for any of the below candidate details USA@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com

Full-time Chauffeur/CPO, Male, American, mid 40’s, EHS Ref #45063

  • Experience Chauffeur seeking work with 1 family in Florida or Dubai
  • Executive Close Protection Officer experience
  • Travels worldwide with HNWi’s
  • Professional Heavy Weight Boxer
  • G Armed Security License
  • C Private Investigator License
  • Law enforcement certification
  • HR-218 Firearms certification
  • Seeking a long-term role, building a professional working relationship with a family
  • Available to start immediately

Private Freelance Chef, Male, American, EHS Ref #43819

  • Do you need a Private Chef In LA?
  • Restaurant quality for a foodie family
  • Available to travel
  • Classic French, Mediterranean, specialized diets
  • Restaurant, villa & yacht experience
  • Loves simple fresh flavours, enhanced by layers of textures
  • $130,000-150,000 salary expectation

Private Freelance Chef, male, British, EHS Ref #42951

  • New York based Chef, looking for first permanent Private House role
  • Michelin experience
  • Loves the farm to table approach
  • Classic French, Vegan, Scandinavian & Michelin cuisine
  • Solo Chef or capable of managing a team
  • $175,000 salary expectation

Nanny/Governess, American, 62 years old, EHS REF#43007 

  • Excellent longevity – 14 years working with previous UHNW family
  • Very flexible with duties, can grow with the family – offering Nanny duties and evolve into a Governess as the children grow
  • Very open to location – willing to relocate within the USA or UAE
  • Salary expectation: open to negotiate on package but ideally looking to achieve upwards of $120,000 per annum.

Maternity Nurse, 45 years old, New York based but open to travel, EHS REF#37058

  • Maternity Nurse/Postnatal Doula based in NYC with over 20 years of experience within the childcare industry
  • Happy to travel globally for assignments, working 24/5 or 24/6
  • Experience with individual babies as well as multiple
  • Ideal salary - $600.00 per day

Housekeeper, 47 years old, based in Austin, Texas, EHS REF#44655

  • Local Austin Housekeeper who has owned her own business for almost 20 years – working with the same clients for the entire duration
  • Energetic, motivated, thoroughly enjoys cleaning and organising homes.
  • Fantastic abilities in all aspects of housekeeping and laundry
  • Salary - $25.00 per hour

Temporary Housekeeper/Chef, USA, EHS REF#16634

  • Over 20 years’ experience catering for prestigious guests in San Francisco, New Orleans and New York
  • Ideal Location: Flexible
  • Flexible days and hours
  • Salary Expectation: US$70,000-$80,000

Temporary Housekeeper/Cook, USA, EHS REF#4898

  • Highly motivated and capable House Manager / Housekeeper / Cook
  • Excellent all round Housekeeper
  • Managerial, organisational skills in all aspects of private household management
  • Good all-round cleaning and cooking skills, tidy and hygienic works to the highest of standards