Terms & Conditions

Brief Summary of Introduction Fees

Permanent Staff
(Calculated on the gross annual salary)

UK based positions – 20%
Overseas based positions – 25%

Multiple placements – should you be fully staffing a household we will be able to offer a very competitive fee structure working on a sole agency basis with free consultancy.

We also offer a generous refund and replacement scheme at EHS, should something go wrong with the placement which is rare, you have peace of mind that we will find you a replacement initially.  If unsuccessful we will offer a refund as per our company terms of business.

Temporary Staff
(Calculated on the gross weekly salary)

1-2 day placement - £120 per week
3 + day placement - 25% of the gross weekly salary

Should the temporary staff be offered a full time position you will be charged an introduction fee for permanent staff as per our company terms of business.

All the above fees will be plus VAT.

For our full company terms of business please email info@exclusivehouseholdstaff.com or call 020 3358 7000