Junior Live-in Domestic Couple

Oxfordshire + Travel, Salary £650 net per week

EHS #2496

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Our clients, who reside on a beautiful shooting estate in Oxfordshire, are looking to employ a Junior Domestic Couple to start work in April – you will be working closely with the other Senior Couple and household staff.

The Junior Couple will be responsible for looking after all aspects of the main family residence and their various other properties (including those abroad), plus all the associated equipment, amenities, vehicles etc. 

The role will include maintenance, security, driving, cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, dealing with contractors, helping with the children on occasion, babysitting, looking after cars, bikes, boats and other machinery, and other varied tasks around the estate.

You will be required to travel with the family when visiting their homes – in the UK and in Europe.  This means going ahead to their chalet in France or Switzerland, ensuring the property is ready for the family’s arrival.  You will be responsible for the cooking and cleaning of the properties whilst the family are in residence.  (A ski pass will be provided for the Couple whilst accompanying the family during the ski season).  The Couple must be capable and willing to deal with cooking for larger groups and last minute additions of friends, although all quite casual - BBQ’s/dinner parties in their other UK home.  Last minute travel could occur so you must be flexible and open for this.

The hours are variable, often including weekend work and evenings.  The day normally starts at 8.00am with collecting the papers, letting out the dogs and checking the other animals.  However, the finish time is very variable.  At busy times, the weekly hours may exceed 48, and we understand you are happy to work hours as required.  However, you will be working with another Senior Couple and various other staff employed on the estate, so it will be up to you to agree with them how the workload is shared evenly so as to give everyone sufficient time off whilst ensuring the Principals receive 7 days' cover.

When the family are away, you are not expected to be in the properties every day from 8.00am–5.00pm as long as you deal with all necessary maintenance and are available to supervise any contractors, deal with deliveries and sort out other issues as they arise. In summary, this sort of role requires considerable flexibility, sometimes with extra work or jobs at very short notice.

As part of the package, your accommodation – separate from the main residence but on the Estate - will be provided.  All bills in relation to the property will be paid.

Holiday entitlement is 28 days, including the statutory holidays.

Salary £650 net per week

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Junior Live-in Domestic Couple

EHS #2496

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