Live-in Domestic Couple (P/T)

Cotswolds, Salary £75.00 for each day of work

EHS #2041

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An unusual but wonderful Live-in Domestic Couple (part-time) role has become available for a client's substantial weekend residence in the heart of the Cotswolds as their current couple, who have been with them for 5 years, are returning home for family health reasons.  The residence has 11 bedrooms and the family often have guests to stay with them at the weekends (when extra staff are sometimes brought in).  The family are delightful to work for and extremely organised so you will always know well ahead of time as to the guest / dinner party schedule.

The key position is the Housekeeping role – it is important that you have some good housekeeping skills.  However, the Lady of the house is more than willing to give some training in respect of how they like things done and there is a comprehensive manual which will assist you to deliver to the standards required.

You will fundamentally be working Friday to Monday 9:00am – 5:00pm, and the Caretaker/Handyman role is required Friday and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm.  Having said that, as with most private house roles, you will be expected to be reasonably flexible with your time but you will know in advance if extended hours are required.

The family have two Labradors, therefore it is essential that you are a genuine dog lover as you will be responsible for feeding, walking, organising vet visits and having them live in your beautiful provided two bedroom cottage when the family are not in residence.  The Gardener and PA also take their turn in helping with the dogs if you are ‘off site’.

The Principals have reiterated that as this is ‘part-time’, you are certainly allowed to work off site (they can even recommend some potential local employment) to increase your income level on the understanding that your live in position for them takes priority.

The role for the Housekeeper is straightforward housekeeping and, as it is a large residence, you must take pleasure in your work and have a keen eye for detail.  This is a hands on cleaning role combined with laundry and local shopping.  The Caretaker will be required to assist in the garden (there are a team of Gardeners who will guide you), helping with the edging and clearing whilst inside the home you may be changing lightbulbs and fulfilling ad hoc chores to ensure the smooth running of the residence.

Although busy when the family / guests are in residence, there will also be very quiet times, although the dogs still need to be looked after.

It is essential that you enjoy living in the countryside as you will be 10 minutes from the nearest town but in a rural location.

A car will be provided for work use.

Accommodation provided:  A beautiful 2 bedroom cottage - all expenses covered.

Days of work - Housekeeper: Friday - Monday inclusive (9.00am - 5.00pm)

                          - Caretaker / Handyman: Friday - Saturday (9.00am - 5.00pm)

Salary: £75.00 for each day of work.


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Live-in Domestic Couple (P/T)

EHS #2041

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