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Our client, with a residence in Dorset, is seeking a Live-in Houseman who can ensure the highest standards are maintained, and the security and safety of the family and house is prioritised.

Duties include:

  • To assist in ensuring that the security of the family, House and its contents are always covered and to ensure that all systems (burglar and fire) are maintained and operational at all times
  • To assist the Butler / House Manager with providing appropriate training for all household staff to respond to the above
  • To report to the Butler / House Manager any matters relating to the maintenance of House, the fixtures and fittings, services and contents and to arrange and supervise agreed works
  • To assist the Butler / House Manager as directed by the principals in providing a full Butler / House Manager in service both the Dorset and Cumbrian residence
  • Service at the Cumbrian residence typically falls within the months of August to October
  • To take specific responsibility for the everyday maintenance including minor repairs, picture hanging and equipment repairs reporting all, if required, to the Secretary / Butler / House Manager
  • To ensure in conjunction with the Secretary / Butler / House Manager that the Estates’ health and safety policy is adopted and adhered to at all times
  • To assist in the daily management of the family’s pets including walking, feeding etc.
  • To assist in providing a full Butler service (when required or in the absence of the Butler / House Manager) to the principals and family to the highest standard which will include:
  • Receiving guests and callers
  • Attending to meals and functions as required
  • Maintaining hunting/riding/shooting clothes and boots
  • Maintaining and cataloguing of wine and drink stores
  • Maintaining and cleaning all silver
  • Keeping public rooms tidy at all times
  • Keeping the Butler / House Manager Room, Gun Rooms and Pantry in a tidy condition

In addition to the above, and in conjunction with the Butler / House Manager’s Duties, the following duties are required to be completed:

  • To open and close the House at the set times
  • To ensure that the principal’s personal vehicles and the House vehicles (including shoot vehicles) are cleaned and maintained at all times (including during the shooting season), including dealing with service schedules etc. The quad bikes are to be kept in a maintained order at all times
  • To liaise with the alarm (fire and security) maintenance companies to ensure that the alarms are correctly working at all times and serviced periodically as per the installer’s guidance
  • To clean and lay the House fires as required
  • To ensure that all firefighting equipment is operational, that the staff are trained in its use and that drills are organised as necessary
  • To check boilers, heating systems, fuel tanks and ensure that there is sufficient oil in the tanks at all times
  • The Church is to be cleaned and prepared for the quarterly Services
  • Cleaning of storerooms, garages, Victorian kitchen, picture store and top dusting, as required, brushing of doorsteps and archway outside billiard room doors and working with the Housekeeper where necessary including to help with polishing wooden floors
  • To take responsibility for organising routine tasks including chimney sweeping, window cleaning and maintaining stock of house consumables such as lightbulbs
  • Maintenance of the Pool House to include regular checks, maintaining drinks stocks, cleaning the barbeques and opening and closing for daily use during Spring and Summer
  • To maintain / monitor technical equipment (i.e. WiFi, Entertainment systems - Sky and music) and any others as appropriate

Weekly duties to include:

  • Ensuring that known maintenance problems are dealt with – gulley’s, courts, drains, etc. (more regularly if weather conditions require) are inspected as necessary
  • Winding clocks in accordance with set procedure
  • Remove bottles and newspapers to “recycling banks” as required
  • Ensure that firewood supplies are topped up on a regular basis each Friday

Monthly duties to include:

  • Boiler and water pump sequences to be changed in rotation
  • Standby generator check
  • Checks and cleaning of the steps to the towers and the towers themselves
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Live-in Houseman

EHS #7201

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